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Siebel Systems und IBM geben heute den Launch von
Siebel CRM OnDemand bekannt. Dabei handelt es sich um einen
gemeinsam gehosteten, internetbasierten CRM-Softwaredienst.
Interessierte Unternehmen können bereits dieses Quartal auf
die CRM-Lösung in englischer Sprache für eine
Grundgebühr von $70 pro Monat und Nutzer zugreifen. Ab Anfang
des nächsten Jahres wird diese Version auch in allen Sprachen
und Währungen zur Verfügung stehen.

Nachfolgend finden Sie Kerninformationen und die entsprechende
Pressemitteilung hierzu.


  • Siebel CRM OnDemand ist die erste und einzige CRM-Lösung,
    die sowohl die nahtlose Integration mit „on-premise“ CRM-Systemen
    als auch die Zuverlässigkeit und Sicherheit eines von IBM
    gehostetem Umfelds und Services vereint. Nutzer können diese
    CRM-Lösung schnell, einfach und kostengünstig
  • Kleine und mittelständische Unternehmen können ab
    sofort die Kosten für Implementation und Service einsparen, da
    sie über das Internet von IBM jederzeit Hilfe erhalten. Sie
    können mit der neuen grafischen Schnittstelle
    Internet-Metaphern einrichten und Ihren Desktop nach Belieben
  • Siebel und IBM haben eine starke Vertriebsorganisation
    gebildet, die alle CRM-Tools über das Internet anbietet und
    auf gebündelte Ressourcen zurückgreifen kann. Mehr
    über Siebel OnDemand erfahren Sie unter
  • IBM und Siebel werden auch gemeinsame Verkaufsprozesse
    einsetzen, die aus über 100 gemeinsamen Projekten seit 1999
    aus der Kooperation von Siebel und IBM resultieren.

Siebel Systems and IBM Launch Siebel CRM OnDemand

Siebel and IBM Team to Develop, Market, Sell, Deliver, and
Service Hosted Customer Relationship Management to Companies

ARMONK, N.Y., and SAN MATEO, Calif. – October 1, 2003-Siebel
Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: SEBL) and IBM Corp. (NYSE: IBM) today
announced they have designed a new on demand hosted customer
relationship management (CRM) service. Together, the two companies
will jointly develop, market, sell, deliver, and service Siebel CRM
OnDemand, a new offering specifically designed to meet the growing
market demand for fast, easy, and affordable CRM. Individuals and
companies can sign up for Siebel CRM OnDemand for a monthly
subscription price of $70 per user at

Designed for the on demand era, Siebel CRM OnDemand is as easy
to use and configure as a Web site. It is a high-availability
Internet utility that enables customers to start with a small CRM
project, with practically zero start-up time, deploy rapidly, and
grow the system as needs change over time. With Siebel CRM
OnDemand, individuals and companies can manage contacts, sales
opportunities, products, prices, competitors, events, marketing
campaigns, and customer service requests.

Siebel CRM OnDemand is an enterprise-class CRM application
available to everyone on the Web, allowing organizations to
generate more sales leads, enhance lead qualification and
management, improve sales forecasting, shorten sales cycles, and
provide improved customer service. With built-in analytics, all
sales, marketing, and service professionals can immediately act on
relevant business, customer, and market events. The net result is
that companies can close more business with more satisfied
customers in less time. Siebel CRM OnDemand is the industry’s first
and only hosted CRM solution that offers both seamless integration
and automated migration to an on-premise Siebel CRM

Industry Leaders Partner to Deliver Siebel CRM

Siebel CRM OnDemand leverages the domain expertise and vast
resources of CRM market leader Siebel Systems and IBM’s expertise
in delivering complete business processes over the Internet coupled
with world-class service and support. With 2 million live users,
Siebel Systems is the trusted partner and CRM advisor to more than
3,500 organizations worldwide. As the world’s leading provider of
Web hosting and largest technology company, IBM offers services
that provide unparalleled scalability, reliability, and
availability. Siebel Systems and IBM have entered a multiyear joint
development, sales, marketing, and services agreement that is
chaired by a board of directors comprised of Mike Lawrie, IBM
Senior Vice President and Group Executive, IBM Global Sales and
Distribution; Thomas M. Siebel, CEO of Siebel Systems; David
Schmaier, Executive Vice President, Siebel Systems; and Doug Elix,
Senior Vice President and Group Executive of IBM Global

„IBM is widely recognized as a leader in providing secure and
reliable services to its global customers and is therefore very
well suited to manage mission-critical customer systems and data.
IBM and Siebel have a long-standing partnership successfully
delivering CRM solutions to more than 1,000 successful customers.
Now, we are bringing proven CRM to a new class of users in a
dramatically faster, easier, and more affordable way,“ said Mr.

„Siebel’s entry into the on demand era is truly an important
development for our industry,“ said Mr. Lawrie. „This offering
underscores our commitment to delivering joint on demand solutions
for customers of all sizes through our network of business
partners. Siebel’s CRM leadership combined with IBM’s strength in
delivering business processes via the Internet makes for a powerful
combination customers can rely on.“

Siebel and IBM have created the industry’s largest and most
experienced sales force targeting the hosted CRM market. In
addition to a telesales group, Siebel CRM OnDemand will be sold by
IBM’s sales force dedicated to the small and medium-sized market
and by Siebel’s global field sales organization. Using Siebel CRM
OnDemand for lead and account management, the combined sales and
customer relationship teams will deliver a seamless and superior
customer experience. To market the new offering, Siebel and IBM are
launching a multimillion-dollar integrated marketing campaign to
achieve rapid market adoption. IBM and Siebel are also working to
integrate their business partners into the joint sales process.

The IBM and Siebel Systems Alliance
Today’s announcements extend a four-year global strategic alliance
between Siebel Systems and IBM, which has resulted in more than
1,000 joint customers and the highest levels of customer

In 1999, IBM and Siebel Systems agreed to jointly market Siebel
CRM applications and deliver out-of-the-box integration between
IBM’s DB2 UDB database and Siebel applications. The two companies
agreed to a joint distribution strategy that includes promoting the
combined applications and services globally, targeting customers in
the finance, insurance, communications, and consumer goods
industries. In addition, IBM Global Services formed a team within
its CRM business trained on Siebel CRM applications to deliver
software configuration, integration, training, and customer support
for its Siebel applications.

Since that time the IBM and Siebel Systems alliance has achieved
significant milestones:

  • IBM Business Consulting Services (BCS) has built the world’s
    largest Siebel practice, with more than 1,500 Siebel-certified
    experts serving every major industry. IBM BCS has won the Gold Star
    Distinction for outstanding customer service across more than 500
    Siebel implementation projects.
  • IBM and Siebel have optimized Siebel applications for IBM DB2
    UDB, UDB/390, and IBM eServer. IBM and Siebel have announced a
    30,000 concurrent user benchmark for Siebel 7 on IBM DB2 UDB and
    IBM eServer pSeries. There have been more than 500 Siebel
    deployments on IBM DB2 since 1999.
  • IBM has introduced a broad range of offerings to assist Siebel
    customers through all aspects of the application life cycle, from
    strategy consulting and implementation to ongoing transformation,
    management, hosting, outsourcing, and specialized systems
    management services.

In January 2003, Siebel Systems and IBM extended their global
strategic alliance with a three-year, 200-person joint development
agreement to include:

  • Joint collaboration to deliver Siebel applications for the IBM
    WebSphere platform. Fully J2EE compliant, Siebel CRM OnDemand is a
    new milestone in this development effort.
  • Business process integration by combining Universal Application
    Network (UAN) and IBM WebSphere Business Integration Server for
    simplified and cost-effective application integration.
  • Improved business productivity as a result of tighter
    integration between Siebel business applications and IBM Lotus
    messaging, calendaring, advanced collaboration, and eLearning
  • High availability, reliability, and scalability by optimizing
    Siebel business applications for Tivoli systems management and
    security software, IBM operating systems, and IBM servers.
  • Industry solutions for banking, insurance, communications,
    consumer goods, automotive, life sciences, public sector, travel
    and transportation, and retail.

Pricing and Availability
IBM and Siebel will offer a 30-day free trial of Siebel CRM
OnDemand. The service will be available for $70 per user per month.
Siebel CRM OnDemand will be available this calendar quarter. For
more information, please visit

For more information, please join our one-hour conference call
on Thursday, October 2, at 11 a.m. EDT. The dial-in number is
1-800-589-4298 for domestic participants, and 1-719-457-0349 for
international participants. The confirmation code for this call is
106721, and the passcode is CRM. To follow a slide presentation,
the Web link is The
confirmation code for the presentation is PG7524627, and the
passcode is announcement.

About Siebel Systems
Siebel Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of business applications
software, enabling corporations to sell to, market to, and serve
customers across multiple channels and lines of business. With more
than 3,500 customer deployments worldwide, Siebel Systems provides
organizations with a proven set of industry-specific best
practices, CRM applications, and business processes, empowering
them to consistently deliver superior customer experiences and
establish more profitable customer relationships. Siebel Systems‘
sales and service facilities are located in more than 30

About IBM
IBM is the world’s largest information technology (IT) company and
provider of IT services. IBM and its partners provide their clients
with a complete range of products in advanced information
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