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January 9, 2001
Golden, Colorado– Invensys CRM today announced an expansion
of its long-standing relationship with IBM, linking its Customer
Relationship Management solutions to key IBM technologies. The move
lets Invensys CRM address a broader market with tighter business
process integration.

„Invensys CRM provides proven, powerful solutions to link
customer knowledge to revenue opportunities,“ said Bob Karulf, CEO,
Invensys CRM. „By linking to IBM platforms we can address a much
larger market with more complete functionality to help our
customers drive these results.“

Katherine Grondin, IBM Global Client Executive to Invensys CRM,
commented that „IBM has a long history of working with these
solutions, and looks forward to working closely with Invensys CRM
to bring the power, scalability and reliability of IBM hardware,
software and services to our mutual customers.“

As part of the deal, Invensys CRM announced new support for IBM
iSeries eServers, IBM DB2 Universal Database (both to become
available in Q2, 2001 for Invensys CRM), and IBM MQ Series
middleware (available in Q1, 2001) and Lotus Notes groupware
(available in Q2, 2001). Invensys has also named IBM Global
Services a preferred services partner, is funding the training and
education of IBM consultants, and plans to provide the IBM
Implementation Factory in Atlanta with necessary source code to
offer application management services to their mutual

IBM Global Services is also working with Invensys CRM, using IBM
MQ Series middleware to develop links between Invensys CRM and
popular enterprise application solutions from a number of

Invensys CRM presently runs on the IBM xSeries eServer
(application and database servers) and the IBM pSeries eServer
(database only).

About Invensys CRM:
Invensys CRM is one of the industry’s most experienced
providers of CRM solutions, with over 250 successful
implementations across Europe and North America. Through its fully
integrated suite of CRM solutions, Invensys CRM is dedicated to
helping B2B enterprises enhance relationships with their customers
and to increase the effectiveness of their sales and marketing
performance. Invensys CRM’s worldwide headquarters is located
in Golden, Colorado, USA. The European headquarters and the
Invensys CRM Research Center are in Copenhagen, Denmark.

About Invensys plc:
Invensys is a global leader in the Automation and Controls
industry, operating through four focused divisions – Software
Systems, Automation Systems, Power Systems and Control Systems.
With over 90,000 employees, the company’s products and
services range from advanced control systems and networks for
automating industrial plants and controlling the environments of
buildings, to electronic devices and controls found in residential
buildings and light commercial applications, plus complete power
systems for the telecommunications and information technology
industries. Invensys plc’s worldwide headquarters in located
in London, England with regional offices throughout the world.