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When SugarCRM decided to stop their Open Source contribution to the SugarCRM project, we decided to continue where they stopped and launched SpiceCRM as a project, to continue the Open Source Initiative and also innovate and really make the difference to the legacy SugarCRM Platform. We packaged the extensions we had before, starting from our Theme and Reporter to Workflow and Authorization Management, and bundled it all branded as SpiceCRM. We built an all-new UI in angular from scratch, added the Lightning Design from SalesForce and Elasticsearch for the search experience.

Almost 7years later SpiceCRM has matured into a stable, feature-rich, flexible, and easy-to-use Open Source CRM Platform. In that effort, we also just relaunched our web page and additionally also added the domain.

                                                      Visit now!

What’s next?

The next release is currently in preparation. We are further strengthening and hardening the backend. We are also continuously filling further gaps that SugarCRM had and still has, while we strive to stay on top of the latest technology.

Technology for us is the key enabler in all aspects of a modern enterprise. And it is getting even more important to be on the latest technology and not lose the pack that is leading the race.

So stay tuned and enjoy the journey together with us and the various partners that we have in the meantime acquired to work with us and making SpiceCRM an even better solution.

Join the SpiceCRM Community

For any kind of question or comment please join the community at and start contributing. This will also be the platform for the meantime to get support. Any issues you might face please post on this community site. We have also added a separate category for the new UI.