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German Financial Services Organization Deploys Market-leading
eBusiness Solution to Drive Revenue, Shorten Sales Cycles, and
Improve Customer Service

Siebel Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq:SEBL), the world’s leading provider
of eBusiness applications software, today announced that Deutsche
Leasing, the German financial services organization, has
standardized on Siebel eBusiness Applications. This strategy will
enable Deutsche Leasing to create a single source of customer
information and enhance the company’s ability to sell to and
satisfy customers through multiple sales channels, including the
Internet, phone, face to face, fax and post.

Founded in 1962, Deutsche Leasing is one of Germany’s largest
and most prosperous finance leasing companies. The company provides
a comprehensive range of leasing services and insurance packages
for information and communications technology assets, machinery and
industrial equipment, medical technology, and energy products on
behalf of thousands of business customers throughout Europe.
Deutsche Leasing is a division of Sparkassen Finanzgruppe, one of
Europe’s most successful financial services organizations, and
recorded revenues of $3 billion in 2000.

To maximize sales and profitability in the face of intense
competition, Deutsche Leasing recognizes the importance of
identifying customer needs more quickly and inspiring customer
loyalty through enhanced service. By introducing a complete view of
each customer interaction — including all account, contact and
customer history information — across multiple channels, including
the Internet, phone, face to face, fax and post, Deutsche Leasing
believes it can react faster to sales opportunities and service
requests and enhance the quality of its marketing campaigns.

Deutsche Leasing is deploying Siebel eBusiness Applications to
create a single, comprehensive and up-to-the-minute view of its
leasing customers throughout Europe. Using this approach, the
company’s field sales and telesales professionals can close more
business, shorten each sales cycle, and improve customer service.
The company’s sales organization will become significantly more
effective, raising the probability of winning each deal, and
increasing the value of individual leasing agreements. This
comprehensive view of the customer relationship will enable
Deutsche Leasing to better support and satisfy customers, resulting
in increased customer loyalty and revenues.

Using Siebel Sales, Deutsche Leasing’s sales and service teams
can work together on real time customer and account information.
Staff can develop, submit and track leasing estimates, tailored to
meet the unique requirements of each customer. They can accurately
forecast future business using comprehensive sales pipeline
management, generate customized presentations and proposals, and
easily produce a broad variety of customer communications. With
Siebel Marketing, the company’s marketing professionals can also
execute outbound, multi-stage campaigns to targeted groups of
leasing customers and measure the campaign results effectively.
Deutsche Leasing’s sales professionals can also instantly view the
status of all marketing activity.

„Siebel eBusiness Applications enable Deutsche Leasing to
synchronize customer information throughout the business,“ says
Friedel Jonker, Project Manager at Deutsche Leasing. „By
introducing a single view of the customer, across multiple
channels, the company is able to increase revenue and
profitability, ensure customer success and accurately forecast
future business. It enables our sales and service professionals to
be significantly more effective, helping them to close more deals,
shorten the sales cycle and maximize the value of each customer

„The decision to deploy Siebel eBusiness Applications was based
on the company’s global market leadership, financial stability and
unrivalled commitment to customer satisfaction,“ Jonker concludes.
„Siebel eBusiness Applications also provide excellent
multi-language, multi-currency support and adapt easily to emerging

SAN MATEO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–April 23, 2001–
‚Top Six‘ Automotive Manufacturer Increases Satisfaction, Enhances
Loyalty And Maximizes Revenues With Multichannel eBusiness

Siebel Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq:SEBL), the world’s leading provider
of eBusiness applications software, today announced that Renault,
one of Europe’s most successful automotive manufacturers, has
standardized on Siebel eBusiness Applications. As part of its
global eBusiness strategy, Siebel eBusiness Applications will
enable Renault to deliver exceptional service and satisfaction
among customers and dealers, close a greater volume of sales leads,
and maximize profitability.

Renault designs, manufactures and markets passenger cars, light
commercial vehicles and agricultural machines. Through its alliance
with Nissan and the acquisition of the Dacia and Samsung brands,
the French company is today one of the top six world leaders in the
automobile industry, with 4.3 percent of the global automotive
market. Renault employs almost 160,000 staff worldwide and recorded
1999 revenues of $37 billion.

To sustain its lead in an industry governed by global
consolidation, overcapacity and greater customer choice, Renault
recognizes it must acquire new customers and maintain the loyalty
of existing ones, understand its customers better than its
competitors, design innovative, highly satisfying automotive
products, and deliver consistently high quality after-sales
service. Until July 1999, the company had a limited ability to
communicate with its customers and share information with its
14,000 dealers. Using Siebel eBusiness Applications, Renault will
have a single, comprehensive view of its customers, which will make
it significantly easier for the company to sell to, market to and
service customers across multiple channels — including the
Internet, the telephone, and the dealer network — for increased
satisfaction, loyalty and profitability.

Renault is deploying Siebel Call Center to the majority of its
3,500 staff worldwide to better service and satisfy each and every
customer and dealer. Using Siebel Call Center, customers can
communicate with Renault regarding a broad range of sales and
service issues, such as car specifications, dealer information, and
warranty issues. Because Renault is using Siebel Call Center, it
has up-to-the-minute, detailed customer and product knowledge, and
can deliver rapid problem resolution and generate greater selling

The results of the Siebel eBusiness Applications deployment in
14 countries and 8 languages have been positive. Up to 85 percent
of telephone calls are answered in less than 8 seconds, the company
responds immediately to 80 percent of customer information
requests, and the time it takes to resolve a customer complaint
will be reduced from 30 days to seven. Overall, this approach is
enhancing customer satisfaction, increasing loyalty, and improving
the profitability of existing customer revenues.

The company has also introduced Siebel eBusiness Applications to
leverage the Internet to acquire new customers, satisfy existing
customers, and improve dealer relationships. Using Siebel eChannel,
Renault captures and processes new customer leads generated through
the Internet from a central point, and immediately assigns these
leads to its international dealer network. Siebel eMail Response is
being integrated with Siebel eChannel to ensure rapid
acknowledgement and follow-up of leads, via email, and automatic
escalation of unattended sales opportunities. Siebel eService is
also being used to provide unassisted, 24×7 technical support for
Renault dealers, reduce resolution times, and enhance customer
satisfaction. Together, these Siebel eBusiness Applications enable
Renault’s dealers to close a greater number of leads more
productively and profitably.

About Siebel Systems
Siebel Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq:SEBL) is the world’s leading provider
of eBusiness applications software. Siebel Systems provides an
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